D L Gordon, Author

Handwriting Analysis

As a certified handwriting expert, (Graphoanalyst), Dorothea has been using her skills for over 40 years not just in the personality assessment field but also as a court qualified Questioned Documents Examiner. Handwriting analysis played an important part for her to find her spiritual path.

(When it first became known that I was a hw. analyst, the colleagues at my school used to send me printed notes only but they weren’t aware that I could also work with the writing on the board in their classrooms. It helped me tremendously to pick the easygoing types and interact with them. The folks in administration were more challenging and harder to avoid but I knew how not to rouse their ire and played meek and cooperative.)

Nowadays I watch people write in all sorts of situations, sales clerks, office workers, doctors, members of groups I belong to, and so on, and assess how to interact with them. I don’t need much material because certain basic character traits stand out. Teenage writing shows how those kids live in the here and now whereas the more mature folks have often acquired a life philosophy that they live by. – I do hw. analysis at the Psychic Fair (even though it’s not based on psychic messages but scientific rules) in Parksville and it seems that most of my clients are nice middle-aged ladies. I wonder if shy or arrogant customers don’t want to hear about their imperfections… The most challenging aspect of my skill is that I have to look at my own handwriting and see how it has changed just like my body has. Not always pretty but still very useful!