D L Gordon, Author

Daring Decisions

In Daring Decisions, (CAD$ 22.00), author Dorothea L Gordon explores how different sexual attitudes affect one particular family. The woman is heterosexual, the man bisexual, and there’s a gay man in the picture as well. The reader witnesses how the divorced heroine learns to embrace love relationships in their different forms, including one she previously refused to consider. Can love conquer all?

This is a very Canadian novel which takes place in Victoria, BC, and describes many attractions of the city and Vancouver Island. A French-Canadian military doctor who is Metis as well as immigrants from Germany, Ireland, and Asia are featured and represent the diversity of Canadian society.

After German psychology student Lotti Seidel meets the love of her life in Canadian military doctor Joseph LeBoutillier, she follows him to Canada. But Joe has a secret and after twenty years, Lotti discovers it. She divorces him in a fit of rage and refuses all contact with him for many years after. Now, at fifty-seven, she is a successful court-qualified handwriting expert in Victoria, BC. Her career is everything she dreamed of but her love life is still in shambles.

When Joe almost dies in an accident, Lotti gradually discovers how much she still loves him. In the end she must choose between the conventional life she always thought she wanted and a relationship that has the potential to break her heart again—or heal it.

This tastefully erotic story explores the timeless theme of mind versus heart where the protagonists struggle to blend their sexual inclinations so they can accept and love each other without reservations.

“When I speak to reporters or the public, I always strive to educate them about a world they generally don’t hear much about yet which is very real,” says Dorothea. “According to statistics 80% of the LGBTQ society identify as male and female bisexuals. There is still a lot of shame in male bisexuals who married women so they can fit into the norm of western society’s expectations. I wrote the book because I personally know bisexual conflicted men who live a life of secrecy and hiding. I hope to elicit acceptance and understanding for people whose sexuality is just a valid as everyone else’s.

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What inspired me to write this book?

If someone asked me what might have been the catalyst for me to write a book like Daring Decisions, I would say it was the movie Brokeback Mountain – a perfect example about bisexuality, the secrecy and the shame that surrounds the two men.

This movie affected me in an unexpected way. I felt such deep compassion for the men and the women who found themselves in a situation that none of them could cope with. I wrote a blog on it and sent it to a bisexual website

The two actors beautifully portray how two men can be passionately attracted to each other but also be in denial about being bisexual. Even though they both get married and one has children, they pine for each other and meet once a year on a ‘fishing trip’.

The movie also shows the pain of the wife who witnesses her husband passionately kissing his buddy. She has to go through her own hell and divorces her husband to marry a heterosexual partner. I often ask myself how the movie would have ended if there had been acceptance from all parties: the men admitting they were attracted to each other and the women loving them for who they were. – I wonder if someone would be willing to make a movie from that angle.


What Readers are Saying…

“Dorothea L. Gordon weaves a moving story bound to win over the hearts of LGBTQ romance lovers. Daring Decisions tells the story of a middle-aged woman’s search for self-discovery and love while navigating her feelings for her ex-husband. Lotti is a complex woman with a fleshed-out character arc. Her inner conflict and feelings for Joe make her hesitant to settle for anyone less, creating an intriguing dynamic between the two that is riveting to read. Joe’s bisexuality never hinders his love for Lotti, and you find yourself rooting for the two to end up together. I enjoyed the book and recommend it to all romance lovers.”

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